Lorraine Rehearsal
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Date de sortie : 19 avril 2007
Genre : Black Metal
Label : Northern Heritage Records
EP (Maxi)

Infos complémentaires :
LP limited to 1000 copies. First pressing was 500 copies but it sold out very
quickly and the band wasn't interested in making collector items. Northern
Heritage did another pressing of 500 copies which is 100% similar to the first

The A-side features 4 "rehearsal" tracks from August 2006 which were re-recorded
for the second full-length album (despite being rehearsal tracks, the recording
is of similar quality to the first album). The B-side features an alternative
version of "Phalènes Et Pestilence", recorded in 2005 by Famine (drums and bass
by Neige).

Tape versions by Night Birds Records, the first edition with black/white artwork
is limited to 300, the second with red writings is limited to 500 hand-numbered
copies and it comes with professional printed musicassette.

Lineup on this recording :

Famine - Guitars
Neige - Guitar, vocals on 2nd track
Indria - Bass
Winterhalter - Drums

Playlist :
1. La Fin Del Secle (04:46)
2. La Césarienne (03:26)
3. Maleiçon (03:41)
4. Psaume IV (02:59)
5. Phalènes Et Pestilence (Alternative Version) (20:08)
Durée totale de l'album : 35:00
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