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Sneaky Dee's
431 College Street
M5T 1T1 Toronto
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Tel : 416.603.3090
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Sneaky Dee’s started as a family business in 1987 and not much has really changed. Sure, the raging city of Toronto has claimed Sneaky Dee’s as its own — everyone from Arcade Fire to Fucked Up has graced the darkly lit upstairs stage, and it has made a mark as a cultural institution. Through the hard times and the good, Sneaky Dee’s (known to locals as “Dee’s”, “Sneak’s”, or “Sneaky’s”) has opened their arms and wrapped them tight around our bustling metropolis. This big bear hug has touched Toronto civilians and tourists alike and it’s born a vibrant community.

A home away from home, Sneaky Dee’s is a good family to have. They feed you when you’re hungry and send you home only when you’re stuffed to the brim! The kitchen is always open late and the night is always young. Sneaky Dee’s is a bomb of energy and dazzling with nostalgia. A place to sit and to dance, and home to the most reasonably priced menu in the city’s grid. Always a hip tune on rotation in the dining room, Sneaky Dee’s is a remedy of laughter and good people. Famous for its Tex-Mex and pub-style favourites, if the familiar faces don’t keep you coming back, the King’s Crown nachos certainly will!

Originally located on Bloor Street and a stone’s throw away from Honest Ed’s, Sneaky Dee’s had a true, authentic, punk rock inception in the 80s. Still an integral part of the music scene, today Sneaky Dee’s concert venue is home to a number of the city’s best parties. From What’s Poppin’ on Wednesday nights to Shake A Tail on Saturdays, upstairs at Sneak’s is always raving with the underground and independent culture of Toronto.

The 200+ capacity concert venue has seen some great talent grace its stage. From Broken Social Scene to Feist, Sneaky Dee’s has hosted local and touring musicians since it began (sort of serendipitously) in the basement of the restaurant’s first location. From punk to hip hop and every indie darling in between, catching a band at Sneaky Dee’s is always a memorable night out! Whether you’re surrounded by rabble-rousing scenesters out celebrating an independent vinyl release or your favourite west coast buzz band makes a stop in town, it’s likely happening on the Sneaky Dee’s stage.

Tourists and artists often fill the downstairs booths, but if music and great food aren’t your thing in Toronto – having a seat at the bar, taking in the atmosphere over a pint, and watching the Jays or the Leafs is also an option. Now one of Toronto’s busiest independent restuarants, Sneaky Dee’s will continue to prove itself as a staple and go-to hub of culture in Toronto.

So really much has changed, but at the heart of it all is a community who likes their nachos slathered in cheese, their bar booths etched with inside jokes, and their friends just a King’s Crown away. Welcome home.


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