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Photo Groupe Album Date Commande Corriger
The Dark Lord RisesJoe Stump The Dark Lord Rises24 oct. 15
Exhumation - The Early Years [Compilation]Grave Digger Exhumation - The Early Years [Compilation]23 oct. 15
Transcendental [Split] [EP]Mono / The Ocean Transcendental [Split] [EP]23 oct. 15
Opus IV OblivionWeeping Silence Opus IV Oblivion23 oct. 15
Forward Without MotionVehemence Forward Without Motion23 oct. 15
MolokGazpacho Molok23 oct. 15
The Girl With The Raven MaskAvatarium The Girl With The Raven Mask23 oct. 15
The Confessional Of The Black Penitents [EP]Varathron The Confessional Of The Black Penitents [EP]23 oct. 15
IVAosoth IV23 oct. 15
Matière NoireMass Hysteria Matière Noire23 oct. 15
Soul SphereBorn of Osiris Soul Sphere23 oct. 15
Sargon Forward Without Motion23 oct. 15
Know How To Carry A WhipCorrections House Know How To Carry A Whip23 oct. 15
Sorni NaiKauan Sorni Nai20 oct. 15
An Infinity EmergedA Dream Of Poe An Infinity Emerged19 oct. 15
SingularityEnshine Singularity18 oct. 15
New World OrderVoid Of Sleep New World Order16 oct. 15
With The DeadWith The Dead With The Dead16 oct. 15
HyaenaSadist Hyaena16 oct. 15
Out Of Respect For The DeadGrave Out Of Respect For The Dead16 oct. 15
7 DaysIvanhoe 7 Days16 oct. 15
LaurestineSo Hideous Laurestine16 oct. 15
All Hail The SwinelordThis Gift Is A Curse All Hail The Swinelord16 oct. 15
Reign Of DarknessCircle II Circle Reign Of Darkness16 oct. 15
Full Circle - Live At Center Stage [Live]Pagan's Mind Full Circle - Live At Center Stage [Live]16 oct. 15
BloomCaligula's Horse Bloom16 oct. 15
A Maze Of Recycled CreedsGorod A Maze Of Recycled Creeds16 oct. 15
FallenStryper Fallen16 oct. 15
Battering RamSaxon Battering Ram16 oct. 15
RemedieSorrowful Angels Remedie16 oct. 15
Autumn EternalPanopticon Autumn Eternal16 oct. 15
International Blackjazz SocietyShining (NOR) International Blackjazz Society16 oct. 15
Chasing ShadowsBlack Tide Chasing Shadows16 oct. 15
Blackout StatesMichael Monroe Blackout States16 oct. 15
Inescapable damnationMurashita Inescapable damnation16 oct. 15
Five Degrees Of InsanityCult Of Occult Five Degrees Of Insanity15 oct. 15
SólvervVreid Sólverv 9 oct. 15
The Judas TableAntimatter The Judas Table 9 oct. 15
7Savage 7 9 oct. 15
RotkäppchenVarg Rotkäppchen 9 oct. 15
Cobras And Fire (The Mastermind Redux)Monster Magnet Cobras And Fire (The Mastermind Redux) 9 oct. 15
Enthrall To The Void Of BlissÆvangelist Enthrall To The Void Of Bliss 9 oct. 15
Nitro JesusSeamount Nitro Jesus 9 oct. 15
Live 'N Lethal [Live]Savage Live 'N Lethal [Live] 9 oct. 15
UnpluggedBeaten To Death Unplugged 9 oct. 15
Rotkäppchen [EP]Varg Rotkäppchen [EP] 9 oct. 15
Fish OnLindemann Fish On 9 oct. 15
GreenfernoBelzebong Greenferno 7 oct. 15
EmanationsOuroboros Emanations 6 oct. 15
DoomsdayIron Void Doomsday 5 oct. 15