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Photo Groupe Album Date Commande Corriger
Revelation of the SunstoneWaverly Lies North Revelation of the Sunstone 5 nov. 16
AtomaDark Tranquillity Atoma 4 nov. 16
Persistence Of ThoughtBurial In The Sky Persistence Of Thought 4 nov. 16
Built To LastHammerfall Built To Last 4 nov. 16
The EmpireVader The Empire 4 nov. 16
Mass GraveHierophant Mass Grave 4 nov. 16
ChaosAttila Chaos 4 nov. 16
BackstabbersThe Butcher's Rodeo Backstabbers 4 nov. 16
Pornograffitti Live 25 Metal MeltdownExtreme Pornograffitti Live 25 Metal Meltdown 4 nov. 16
Flying MusicBob Oliver Lee Flying Music31 oct. 16
Død Beverte Red, White, and Fuck You!31 oct. 16
Red, White, And Fuck You !Død Beverte Red, White, And Fuck You !31 oct. 16
Brotherhood Of The SnakeTestament Brotherhood Of The Snake28 oct. 16
The Whole Of The LawAnaal Nathrakh The Whole Of The Law28 oct. 16
OrphelinsDigital Nova Orphelins28 oct. 16
Serpentine DominionSerpentine Dominion Serpentine Dominion28 oct. 16
Nux / HêmeraOphidian Spell Nux / Hêmera28 oct. 16
The SpecterKorrosiah The Specter28 oct. 16
DeformityCognitive U.S Deformity28 oct. 16
Une Ombre Régit Les OmbresAbduction Une Ombre Régit Les Ombres28 oct. 16
AscendanceTeleport Ascendance27 oct. 16
Le Noir VillageCréatures Le Noir Village25 oct. 16
Serenity Of SufferingKorn Serenity Of Suffering21 oct. 16
DebacklinerDebackliner Debackliner21 oct. 16
Honor Is DeadWovenwar Honor Is Dead21 oct. 16
Beyond RedemptionNihilism Beyond Redemption15 oct. 16
Scaling UpKee Marcello Scaling Up14 oct. 16
The StageAvenged Sevenfold The Stage13 oct. 16
Cherrycane Embrace The Unknow 8 oct. 16
Embrace The UnknownCherrycane Embrace The Unknown 8 oct. 16
The Ninth HourSonata Arctica The Ninth Hour 7 oct. 16
The Violent Sleep Of ReasonMeshuggah The Violent Sleep Of Reason 7 oct. 16
AgoniaShadecrown Agonia 7 oct. 16
Fires In The NorthLeaves' Eyes Fires In The North 7 oct. 16
Let Me Feel Your PowerSaxon Let Me Feel Your Power 7 oct. 16
SorceressOpeth Sorceress30 sept. 16
The Holographic PrincipleEpica The Holographic Principle30 sept. 16
FiveThe Agonist Five30 sept. 16
Vögguvísur YggdrasilsSkálmöld Vögguvísur Yggdrasils30 sept. 16
HaeresisNoctem Haeresis30 sept. 16
World Gone MadSuicidal Tendencies World Gone Mad30 sept. 16
SteinfeldDRESCHER Steinfeld30 sept. 16
Incoming DeathAsphyx Incoming Death30 sept. 16
Fires Within FiresNeurosis Fires Within Fires23 sept. 16
Winter's GateInsomnium Winter's Gate23 sept. 16
E.V.OAlmah E.V.O23 sept. 16
Airbourne Breakin'Outta Hell23 sept. 16
Breakin' Outta HellAirbourne Breakin' Outta Hell23 sept. 16
Into the VoidVeonity Into the Void23 sept. 16