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Photo Groupe Album Date Commande Corriger
CatharsisMachine Head Catharsis26 janv. 18
Roma Delenda EstCartagena Roma Delenda Est26 janv. 18
The Age Of AbsurdityPhil Campbell And The Bastards Sons The Age Of Absurdity26 janv. 18
Avatar CountryAvatar Avatar Country12 janv. 18
Burning AliveBurning Witches Burning Alive12 janv. 18
The Cursed SingleManach Seherath The Cursed Single 5 janv. 18
Oeil pour oeil, dent pour dentHaïr Oeil pour oeil, dent pour dent 1 janv. 18
Midnight EclipseHermóðr Midnight Eclipse 1 janv. 18
As One With These Woods & A Moment of SolitudeHermóðr As One With These Woods & A Moment of Solitude21 déc. 17
Asking AlexandriaAsking Alexandria Asking Alexandria15 déc. 17
The CodeEthernity The Code15 déc. 17
Global SlaughterA Night In Texas Global Slaughter11 déc. 17
Recipe For AgonyStonemule Recipe For Agony10 déc. 17
The Crimson ThroneCircle Of Silence The Crimson Throne 8 déc. 17
Ceremony And DevotionGhost Ceremony And Devotion 8 déc. 17
Public EnemiesPretty Boy Floyd Public Enemies 1 déc. 17
A Moment Of SolitudeHermóðr A Moment Of Solitude27 nov. 17
Kong VinterTaake Kong Vinter24 nov. 17
The Untamed WildernessAetherian The Untamed Wilderness24 nov. 17
The Stench Of The EarthCrypts Of Despair The Stench Of The Earth24 nov. 17
Evolve Or DieDeathproof Evolve Or Die24 nov. 17
Shrine Of FleshFractal Face Shrine Of Flesh18 nov. 17
The Curse WithinNo Return The Curse Within17 nov. 17
PsychosisCavalera Conspiracy Psychosis17 nov. 17
Welcome To The West Coast IILionheart Welcome To The West Coast II10 nov. 17
Red Before BlackCannibal Corpse Red Before Black 3 nov. 17
For The DementedAnnihilator For The Demented 3 nov. 17
AlbaSleeping Romance Alba 3 nov. 17
Hands Of FateSavage Messiah Hands Of Fate27 oct. 17
Cosmic Or ConquerDr Living Dead ! Cosmic Or Conquer27 oct. 17
The Great BrotherwarEvertale The Great Brotherwar27 oct. 17
Return From The ShadowsWithin Silence Return From The Shadows27 oct. 17
Waves Of RegretFractal Face Waves Of Regret22 oct. 17
HealBloodred Hourglass Heal20 oct. 17
Vas HermeticumAmplified Memory Vas Hermeticum20 oct. 17
VolitionDeath Rattle Volition20 oct. 17
In This Moment We Are Free - CitiesVuur In This Moment We Are Free - Cities20 oct. 17
NomadKublai Khan Nomad12 oct. 17
NightbringersThe Black Dahlia Murder Nightbringers 6 oct. 17
Heaven Upside DownMarilyn Manson Heaven Upside Down 6 oct. 17
Old Scars, New WoundsAct Of Defiance Old Scars, New Wounds29 sept. 17
PhoenixNocturnal Rites Phoenix29 sept. 17
Age Of ChangesPlethora Age Of Changes29 sept. 17
As One With These WoodsHermóðr As One With These Woods24 sept. 17
Cryptoriana - The Seductiveness Of DecayCradle Of Filth Cryptoriana - The Seductiveness Of Decay22 sept. 17
Relentless MutationArchspire Relentless Mutation22 sept. 17
RealigionNasty Realigion22 sept. 17
Hermóðr Ghost of the cold winds & The Deep End22 sept. 17
Ghost Of The Cold Winds / The Deep EndHermóðr Ghost Of The Cold Winds / The Deep End22 sept. 17
BaktankerTaake Baktanker17 sept. 17