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Photo Groupe Album Date Commande Corriger
Völuspá Part II: The Arrival of FenrisFortid Völuspá Part II: The Arrival of Fenris 2 févr. 07

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Photo Groupe Album Date Précommande Corriger
Morbid ProphecyThe Bleeding Morbid Prophecy18 oct. 19
152Dimman 15218 oct. 19
Imperial CultPissed Regardless Imperial Cult18 oct. 19
Ice BreakerRexoria Ice Breaker18 oct. 19
Expedition : DarknessRimfrost Expedition : Darkness18 oct. 19
The Dungeon TapesInsane (2) The Dungeon Tapes19 oct. 19
Turn On The IgnitionNaked Machine Turn On The Ignition22 oct. 19
VenomousSkinlab Venomous25 oct. 19
PhobosDictated Phobos25 oct. 19
Legions Of The UndeadExmortus Legions Of The Undead25 oct. 19
Procession of GhostsDawn Of Disease Procession of Ghosts 1 nov. 19
NovissimaOracle Novissima 1 nov. 19
Songs The Night SingsThe Dark Element Songs The Night Sings 8 nov. 19
The Radiant DarkThe Drowning The Radiant Dark 8 nov. 19
MacrobialImmanifest Macrobial 8 nov. 19
Flame To The NightSpitefuel Flame To The Night 8 nov. 19
The SvmmonerCernunnos The Svmmoner13 nov. 19
PurgatoryDespised Icon Purgatory15 nov. 19
All Shall BurnEleine All Shall Burn22 nov. 19
Tales Of Fire And IceCrystal Viper Tales Of Fire And Ice22 nov. 19
The Vile RequiemThe Juliet Massacre The Vile Requiem22 nov. 19
Ballistic, SadisticAnnihilator Ballistic, Sadistic24 janv. 20

Sorties d'albums metal passées

Photo Groupe Album Date Commande Corriger
Chaos Breeder[In Mute] Chaos Breeder15 oct. 19
Place Of ChainsSingularity Place Of Chains11 oct. 19
PreludeThe Last Reign Prelude11 oct. 19
RivenShadecrown Riven11 oct. 19
The Last RagerMunicipal Waste The Last Rager11 oct. 19
Sessions #1 - American ThrashCrisix Sessions #1 - American Thrash 8 oct. 19
GododdinMidnight Force Gododdin 6 oct. 19
ObedientiaDark Tower Obedientia 5 oct. 19
Heart like a GraveInsomnium Heart like a Grave 4 oct. 19
The StormCrow's Flight The Storm 4 oct. 19
HorrorExhumed Horror 4 oct. 19
Sensory StagnationRipper Sensory Stagnation30 sept. 19
Welcome HomeHellyeah Welcome Home27 sept. 19
NomeclatureI Am The Trireme Nomeclature27 sept. 19
In Cauda VenenumOpeth In Cauda Venenum27 sept. 19
WintersagaWind Rose Wintersaga27 sept. 19
Repugnant Coronation Of The BeastVenereal Baptism Repugnant Coronation Of The Beast27 sept. 19
AcheronVoice Of Ruin Acheron27 sept. 19
All Flesh Is GrassGodeater All Flesh Is Grass27 sept. 19
The Sound Of DeathIn Pain The Sound Of Death27 sept. 19
EvolutionIn Thousand Lakes Evolution25 sept. 19
Reflection On RuinShade Of Hatred Reflection On Ruin22 sept. 19
OrphansThe Agonist Orphans20 sept. 19
Historias De Miedo IScarlet Bullet Historias De Miedo I14 sept. 19
Eye RakeEye Rake Eye Rake14 sept. 19
The Beast InsideDawn of destiny The Beast Inside13 sept. 19
GhostSaint Deamon Ghost13 sept. 19
VenenumBaest Venenum13 sept. 19
The Ruin Of Fading LightCrypt Sermon The Ruin Of Fading Light13 sept. 19
TalviyöSonata Arctica Talviyö 6 sept. 19
646965Omophagia 646965 6 sept. 19
VelothiThe Ritual Aura Velothi 1 sept. 19
Reader Of The Runes - DivinationElvenking Reader Of The Runes - Divination30 août 19
Come The TideEternal Storm Come The Tide23 août 19
BellatrixFrantic Amber Bellatrix23 août 19
DystopiaIsole Dystopia23 août 19
AwakeningSacred Reich Awakening23 août 19
Shaped By FireAs I Lay Dying Shaped By Fire20 août 19
The Revolution ContinuesRed Razor The Revolution Continues16 août 19
AtonementKillswitch Engage Atonement16 août 19
Only Dark Hearts SurviveImagika Only Dark Hearts Survive13 août 19
We Are Not Your KindSlipknot We Are Not Your Kind 9 août 19
ObscuraEradikator Obscura 3 août 19
World War XCarnifex World War X 2 août 19
Erupción nacionalViolent Execution Erupción nacional31 juil. 19
Fortune Favors The BraveDesert Fortune Favors The Brave30 juil. 19
Illvsio MachinaAntartandes Illvsio Machina30 juil. 19
Absolution DeniedAbsolution Denied Absolution Denied27 juil. 19
Bad TasteMournful Cries Bad Taste27 juil. 19
From Days Unto DarknessHatriot From Days Unto Darkness26 juil. 19