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Sorties d'albums metal à venir

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Photo Groupe Album Date Précommande Corriger
Trapped In ChaosDust Bolt Trapped In Chaos18 janv. 19
The AtlanticEvergrey The Atlantic25 janv. 19
Born To FlyJetboy Born To Fly25 janv. 19
Drowning By HumanityDeserted Fear Drowning By Humanity 8 févr. 19
They Never Say DieSkeleToon They Never Say Die 8 févr. 19
Drifting Towards Inevitable DeathGod Disease Drifting Towards Inevitable Death15 févr. 19
Deal With It !Rezet Deal With It !22 févr. 19
LebensnehmerEllende Lebensnehmer29 mars 19

Sorties d'albums metal passées

Photo Groupe Album Date Commande Corriger
Fractal FaceFractal Face Fractal Face30 déc. 18
The Scythe Of Cosmic ChaosSulphur Aeon The Scythe Of Cosmic Chaos21 déc. 18
ObliterationBlade Of Horus Obliteration15 déc. 18
Shadows Became FleshMass Infection Shadows Became Flesh 7 déc. 18
Brain DeadAtomic Death Squad Brain Dead 1 déc. 18
The Only Pure Hate MMXVIIIA Canorous Quintet The Only Pure Hate MMXVIII30 nov. 18
Extinction(s)Unearth Extinction(s)23 nov. 18
HexenhammerBurning Witches Hexenhammer 9 nov. 18
Holy HellArchitects Holy Hell 9 nov. 18
December WindBlaze Bayley December Wind 9 nov. 18
December WindBlaze Bayley December Wind 9 nov. 18
The 119 Show : Live In LondonLacuna Coil The 119 Show : Live In London 9 nov. 18
As The Kingdom DrownsPsycroptic As The Kingdom Drowns 7 nov. 18
Where Life Should BeNone Where Life Should Be 5 nov. 18
HomicidalSolace In Murder Homicidal 3 nov. 18
EquinoxGross Misconduct Equinox 2 nov. 18
Welcome Mass HysteriaRazgate Welcome Mass Hysteria27 oct. 18
The Hunt For White ChristUnleashed The Hunt For White Christ26 oct. 18
ManiacMass Hysteria Maniac26 oct. 18
The Blackening TideHeidra The Blackening Tide26 oct. 18
MatricideCognitive Matricide26 oct. 18
Play To WinStriker Play To Win26 oct. 18
Hibernaculum Of DecayDefleshed And Gutted Hibernaculum Of Decay21 oct. 18
EvolutionDisturbed Evolution19 oct. 18
RitualSoulfly Ritual19 oct. 18
Slaves And GodsHelsott Slaves And Gods12 oct. 18
Imperium DraconusVermithrax Imperium Draconus12 oct. 18
Constellation Of The Black LightWolfheart Constellation Of The Black Light28 sept. 18
Overdrivers She's On A Period28 sept. 18
She's On Her PeriodOverdrivers She's On Her Period28 sept. 18
Way To CarcosaMind Imperium Way To Carcosa23 sept. 18
Rovdjur & Northern MightHermóðr Rovdjur & Northern Might23 sept. 18
TerrorVisionAborted TerrorVision21 sept. 18
Take My Breath AwayWhoretopsy Take My Breath Away21 sept. 18
A Realm RebornHermóðr A Realm Reborn15 sept. 18
The Human Race ExtinctionEthernity The Human Race Extinction14 sept. 18
The Passage Of ExistenceMonstrosity The Passage Of Existence 7 sept. 18
Volume II - Power Drunk MajestyMetal Allegiance Volume II - Power Drunk Majesty 7 sept. 18
From Shadow To FleshNirnaeth From Shadow To Flesh 7 sept. 18
Cadaverous ResurrectionPublic Grave Cadaverous Resurrection 6 sept. 18
InfuriateInfuriate Infuriate31 août 18
Plastic Culture PestilenceHateful Agony Plastic Culture Pestilence17 août 18
SoulriseImages Of Eden Soulrise17 août 18
Eterno E OmegaMinervium Eterno E Omega17 août 18
ApocalypsePrimal Fear Apocalypse10 août 18
Memento MoriDemenzia Mortis Memento Mori 8 août 18
Across The SufferingNirnaeth Across The Suffering 1 août 18
Surpassing Carbon DecayNails Of Impostion Surpassing Carbon Decay 1 août 18
Northern MightHermóðr Northern Might30 juil. 18
Mankind ResistanceIron Hunter Mankind Resistance17 juil. 18