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Sorties d'albums metal à venir

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Photo Groupe Album Date Précommande Corriger
Apocalypse & ChillDelain Apocalypse & Chill 7 févr. 20
BetrayalCordyceps Betrayal10 avril 20
Cant Del CorloKanseil Cant Del Corlo 7 févr. 20
Choirs Of The FallenWombbath Choirs Of The Fallen 6 mars 20
EisenzeitScalpture Eisenzeit21 févr. 20
Emerald SeasSeven Spires Emerald Seas14 févr. 20
Expanding OblivionPestifer Expanding Oblivion13 mars 20
Fist To FaceHolycide Fist To Face14 févr. 20
Human's Death PathologyBurial Ruthless Human's Death Pathology20 févr. 20
I DecideBeneath My Sins I Decide20 mars 20
Impius ViamNight Crowned Impius Viam28 févr. 20
Lust For The EndLonescar Lust For The End31 janv. 20
MordrakeXENOBIOTIC Mordrake21 févr. 20
The CovenTorchia The Coven27 mars 20
Wolves Among The AshesSvart Crown Wolves Among The Ashes 7 févr. 20

Sorties d'albums metal passées

Photo Groupe Album Date Commande Corriger
!úl..!úl.. !úl..29 nov. 07
Baradj "ALPS" 1​.​0 - extemporaneous experimental album23 juil. 12
Baradj "ALPS" 2​​.​​0 - extemporaneous experimental album19 août 12
magnum "Escape From The Shadow Garden24 mars 14
Cadaverous Condition "For Love" I Said19 nov. 95
$avior$elfHades $avior$elf26 janv. 99
'88 DemoImmolation '88 Demo 5 juil. 88
'Til DeathCapture The Crown 'Til Death14 déc. 12
'Til Death Do Us UniteSodom 'Til Death Do Us Unite24 févr. 97 Commander
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(A) Senile AnimalMelvins (A) Senile Animal10 oct. 06 Commander
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(And Now the Waltz) C'est La VieSlade (And Now the Waltz) C'est La Vie12 nov. 82
(EP)LivePleymo (EP)Live 2 janv. 02
(N)UtopiaGraveworm (N)Utopia11 janv. 05 Commander
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(On The Two Deaths Of Pain Of Salvation) (DVD)Pain Of Salvation (On The Two Deaths Of Pain Of Salvation) (DVD)27 févr. 09 Commander
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(r)EvolutionHammerfall (r)Evolution29 août 14
(Set This) World AblazeKillswitch Engage (Set This) World Ablaze22 nov. 05 Commander
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(Set This) World Ablaze.Killswitch Engage (Set This) World Ablaze.29 nov. 05 Commander
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(What's the Story) Morning Glory?Oasis (What's the Story) Morning Glory? 2 oct. 95
+- (Plusminus) +- EP 7 mai 08
-Feedbacker-Boris -Feedbacker-21 janv. 05 Commander
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...Empreinte(s) ... 1 juin 10
... doch lächeln die blutleeren Lippen / BegräbnisvermählungNocte Obducta ... doch lächeln die blutleeren Lippen / Begräbnisvermählung 3 janv. 98
... Gjennom Takete SkogenVinterriket ... Gjennom Takete Skogen15 mai 00
... Im WinterVinterriket ... Im Winter23 nov. 02
... Of HatredCadaverine ... Of Hatred11 févr. 12
... the MultiverseAckros ... the Multiverse17 nov. 08
... Und Die Nacht Kam Schweren SchrittesVinterriket ... Und Die Nacht Kam Schweren Schrittes10 oct. 02 Commander
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... von Liebe und WäldernWedard ... von Liebe und Wäldern16 avril 05
...' Til Only The Sick RemainsLividity ...' Til Only The Sick Remains21 oct. 02 Commander
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...And Blood Will FlowDawn Of Demise ...And Blood Will Flow15 févr. 06
...And Death ArisesMarthyr ...And Death Arises15 avril 11
...and Death Said LiveMors Principium Est ...and Death Said Live 5 déc. 12 Commander
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...And Justice For AllMetallica ...And Justice For All25 août 88 Commander
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...And Justice for Y'allWeedeater ...And Justice for Y'all 3 avril 01 Commander
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...and One by One Crept Silently to RestNjiqahdda ...and One by One Crept Silently to Rest28 juil. 11
...And the Circus Leaves TownKyuss ...And the Circus Leaves Town11 juil. 95 Commander
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...And the Cold ArrivedCold Empire ...And the Cold Arrived25 juin 07
...and the Earth Becomes AflameBane of Isildur ...and the Earth Becomes Aflame 5 avril 13
...And the Seventh His Soul DetestethAeternus ...And the Seventh His Soul Detesteth18 mars 13 Commander
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...And Then Came The DustMagenta Harvest ...And Then Came The Dust 1 sept. 17
...And You Will Burn Of A Black FlameProfezia ...And You Will Burn Of A Black Flame12 déc. 02
...And Your Blood Is Full of HoneyThe Angelic Process ...And Your Blood Is Full of Honey 9 juil. 06
...As Creativity Turns into LunacyVirulent Blessing ...As Creativity Turns into Lunacy27 sept. 07
...As We Dive into the DarkFangtooth ...As We Dive into the Dark27 oct. 14
...At a LossBuzzoven ...At a Loss 5 mai 98 Commander
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...BeginsDawn of destiny ...Begins 3 août 07
...Carne...Sangre...Oxidised Razor ...Carne...Sangre... 6 févr. 03
...den Ahnen zum Grusse...XIV Dark Centuries ...den Ahnen zum Grusse...22 sept. 03
...EASEM ZAPOMENUTI...ACT OF GOD (République Tchèque) ...EASEM ZAPOMENUTI...31 déc. 05
...En Their Medh Riki Fara...Falkenbach ...En Their Medh Riki Fara...29 juil. 96 Commander
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