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The 1st.

41 ans
Århus, Danemark

inscrit le 3 novembre 2010
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Mon style : I really like all kinds of metal as long its created with the right kind of flare for music and attitude.

Musicien : Chant - Guitare - Samples

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Mes passions : metal, gadgets, gaming,

Jeux vidéos préférés : World Of Warcraft - God of War

Films préférés : Lord of the rings

Artistes préférés : Warrel Dane, Zakk W, King Diamond, Ozzy ect ect.

Ecrivains préférés : Warrel Dane, trent reznor, King Diamond, Tolkien

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Hell O T Here

I am a 31 year old man who has been following the metal scene through many many years. Ever since Reign In Blood (Slayer), The Eye (King Diamond) and Master Of Puppets I have had this big passion in my life.

Other than this passion of mine I am a quiet man who lives his life in Aarhus, Denmark togther with a girl whom I have known for 9 years.

I love to explore the metal scene to find new music and interresting newcomers which makes me rock'n'roll and bang my head.

I play a bit of giutar myself. I also have experience as singer though I dont play in any bands anymore. That being said I dont get to create much music myself anymore. Lately I started up trying to get into sampling som metalstuff, but im finding a bit hard though,
So if any of you have any experience sampling metal im very interrested in hearing about this.

Best Regards