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Brandon _!..!

26 ans
st.james, États-Unis

inscrit le 14 octobre 2010
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Mon style : scremo

Musicien : Chant - Guitare - Claviers - Chant secondaire

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Bring Me The Horizon - Bullet For My Valentine - Avenged Sevenfold - Escape The Fate - Blessthefall - Alesana - Silverstein - Drop Dead Gorgeous - The Beverly Secret - Underoath - As I Lay Dying - Hopes Die Last - Trivium - Metallica - Machine Head - Slayer - Killswitch Engage - Megadeth - Pantera - All That Remains ...
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hey im brandon i am 18 almost 19. i am all nto metal ever since i was born. and i love it. my intrest are music guitars girls cars and the usual guy stuff. i am in a band been in it for 7 years now. and the reason i use this site s to meet new pepole who like my kinda music so yea

Activité : band

Mes passions : interests would be music, girls, guitar and all that good stuff

Jeux vidéos préférés : vidieo games are gay and a waste of time

Films préférés : the nightmare before christmas by tim burton

Artistes préférés : lots

Ecrivains préférés : me myself and i

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mybloodoath316> just bought a new fender custom anarchy guitar and anarchy shirts nd gloves. ganna show pepole whats up and whats good :-P i also got a new top hat and tux just for the hell of it. got a jack sekeliton bath robe and pj pants haha and a new pillow as well haha yea any way imma go get some coffe chat with you later take care everyone

lun. 6 déc. 10- 17:41 (1)
mybloodoath316> yup its pretty crappy here its snowing, i have kidny stones, and now i cant drink any more but idc as long as i can stil play guitar and sing its all good.. im sitting in school wishing i was home sleeping haha g2g now ttyl bye

mer. 27 oct. 10- 16:44 (1)
midnite> @mybloodoath316 hey wats up wit you? Thanks for addin me as a friend. I'm still trying to work out the kinks in this site........ i'm not good with electronics.LOL I always feel slow when i'm on them.

mer. 20 oct. 10- 21:03 (0)

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