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28 ans
Verdun, Canada

inscrit le 10 août 2010
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Mon style : black metal, nu-metal, classic rock, death metal

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Mon matos :
me :)
me and the bf :)

Mes passions : tats, piercings, music, drawing

Jeux vidéos préférés : ZELDA

Films préférés : anything scary/thriller-y

Artistes préférés : Jonathan Davis, Nathan Jonas Jordison, James Schaffer

Ecrivains préférés : Steven King.

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1-nov.-09Gwar, Job For a Cowboy ...Club SodaMontréal (Canada)

Im Katrina. Call me Kat if you'd like.
How I came to metal?
WELL. Uh. Started back when I was 13. I thought all music sounded the same. Then I ran into Marilyn Manson and Linkin Park (I know, they're not really metal, but they're what got me into the music I love today). Then Alexisonfire (not metal either). Then Slipknot (nu-metai). And since then it's kinda just evolved for me. To be honest I knew of Marilyn Manson since I was around 8 years old, but never started listening to him until I was 13. Metal's what got me through the toughest parts of my life. Three years ago was one of those points, and when my friends and people I thought cared about me showed me their true colours, I discovered Slipknot's IOWA. It's what made me to be the person I am today. The kinda person that will stand up for myself and not give a shit what people have to say to me.
My best experience in metal?
WELL. My first ever show was some time last year (2009), in the winter. I always wanted to save my rock-show virginity for death metal :P and so I did. I saw a bunch of underground death metal bands, and it was amazing. I still have the ticket