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Mon style : Metal-and other musical genre like classical and japanes music, film and game OST

Musicien : Chant - Autre instrument

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Mes passions : music, love,darkness,unveiling secrets,questioning,specualtion,writting and screaming -blackmetal-goregrind-deathmetal-clean vox

Jeux vidéos préférés : Deadspace 2, Crysis 2, Prey, Fallout ( rpgs ) Morrowind

Films préférés : intelligent human ethic and fantasy

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Metal... \m/('-_-')\m/

I was raised with Metal.
One of the first albums i can remember is an old album from dimmu borgir.

Ah since i rarely get the oppertunity of going to fests, cuzz i dont wish to go alone.
The best experience was and still is the first time i went to nerotic deathfest in holland.
Raw brutality right there.

Still forming my own band.
Have an amazing guitarist ^^

Everything intrests me...
Well almost everything.
Speculation and thinking. Spirituality and science
Trying to fit it all togather so i dont have to puzzle about my own being anymore.
I am open minded to all and have no walls around reality wich is in its truest form cosmic.
Humans might not be aware to it throughout daily down to earth activity. But the questioning of being ever ends.They arent aware to this because they belief in a labeled spiritual grouping wich is called religion. and with this relgion and its elite's they shut down the sense of mind with answers that come's from preechers taken from a book.
So there gap of existance is mainly filled because they belief in a certain type of heaven or hell... So there is nomore need to wonder what it trully is...what the being is in all of this.
I know the universe is way more complex than we dare specially with the sentient pattrens to imagine as the relativity theory got thrown out the cosmic window because they did discover particle's that just might have gone faster than lightspeed....
Just saying that mankind is a species not even old enough to be called "adult"
So every person claiming something to be this or that at the far side of the mist is pointless... Let alone demand truth and fact on something at the other end of the universe or in another realm by own created theory's and ideoligy, etc,,,