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36 ans
Tagaytay City, Philippines

inscrit le 5 mai 2010
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Mon style : Black Metal, Brutal Death Metal, Goregrind, Cybergrind,Porngrind, Folk Metal,Symphonic Metal, Power Metal

Musicien : Chant - Basse

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Activité : Slacker

Mes passions : METAL!!!!! and also Movies

Jeux vidéos préférés : Indigo Prophecy

Films préférés : Pulp Fiction,Jackie Brown, Inglorious Basterds

Artistes préférés : Cannibal Corpse, Nebelhexe, Gorevent,Eluveitie,Kivimetsan Druidi,Belphegor, Goatwhore, Etc.

Ecrivains préférés : Stephen King,R. Gary Patterson, and whoever wrote the bible I find it to be quite entertaining

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Darren Cowan> @colin1984 What's up man, when I saw Colin1984, I thought that might be you. Yeah, this site is killer. I added a bunch of Tiamat videos to their page yesterday. This is the only site I know of you can read a review of a band and then watch you tube vids or listen to songs from their myspace.

mer. 5 mai 10- 16:38 (0)
colin1984> I'm planning on going to the Philippines for the summer I have done some research on the metal scene out there and I want to check out some of the bands.

mer. 5 mai 10- 11:51 (0)
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Hello fellow Brethren and sisters of metalm/. Well I guess I should start by introducing myself I am Colin Downer known to some as Lord Nocturnus Apocalypse. I have been playing Bass for about 11 years and singing for about 7 well I wouldn't call it singing exactly but you get the idea. I can sing though for real.

I'm going to start by telling you how I first came into Metal; It actually started when I was around 6 years old the first ever metal song I remember hearing was Cemetary Gates by Pantera. The weirdest part about that whole thing was keep in mind it was my first time hearing a metal song and I looked over at my friend and said this is the song Cemetary Gates by Pantera. I saw his jaw drop. my friend couldn't believe it that me having never heard this stuff before had picked out the band and song title without any knowledge of who the band was or what the song was. That got me hooked. From then on he started to get me into bands like Metallica, Megadeth and Guns N Roses. To this day I thank my friend for helping me to discover that I was born METAL!!!!

My best experience in Metal?
When I got to meet the almighty Cannibal Corpse I have been a huge fan of them since their 1996 release Vile which was actually the first death metal album I bought. I have seen Cannibal two times first on Metalblade 25th Anniversary Tour with Black Dahlia Murder, The Red Chord , Goatwhore, and The Absence. And the second time I saw them was at Mayhem Fest 2009 on the Hot Topic Stage. I got to meet the entire band I couldn't believe it those guys are my fucking heroes hands down.

What do I want to do in regard to Metal?
I have played in numerous bands over the years. My ultimate goal is to find one that suits me I want to play Black Metal but with a Death Metal to it.
Ultimately I want to start my own record label for bands that don't necessarily have the means to an end. What I mean by that is I want to be the guy that goes to states like Montana,Idaho,Nebraska,North and South Dakota, Delaware, Maine etc and also to all the obscure countries to find the bands that well deserve their chance to shine. I would also like to eventually write reviews and conduct interviews with bands for this website as I have a very big appreciation for Metal; moreso than most that I know.

My Interests?
Talking About Metal with random people
Educating those who do not understand metal about metal.

What am I looking for here?
New Friends
Old Friends
People that love Metal as much as I do
People that want to play metal for the rest of their lives and will not stop at anything period.