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Mon style : metal every metal baby

Musicien : Chant - Claviers - Chant secondaire - DJ

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Hollow - Immortal - Neuraxis - Black Label Society - Cannibal Corpse - Enslaved - Emperor - Goatwhore - Augury - Satyricon - Drudkh - Cradle Of Filth - Marduk - Decrepit Birth - Gojira - Iron Maiden - Judas Priest - Amon Amarth - Arcturus - The Dillinger Escape Plan ...
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Activité : barmaid/metalheadmodel /berserkette/promoter

Mes passions : metalocalypse ,metal ,metal ,metal,

Jeux vidéos préférés : American McGee's Alice , mario bros ;)

Films préférés : to many lol but all the Alice in Wonderlands ;)

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Pit> @berserkette Sorry for being so late...
So, in a first time, you sholud go on 'My Profile', then 'Personal Page'. Then, in 'Background and containers', you just have to enter a picture URL and it will be done.
Hope it's clear for you...
Just tell me...

mar. 21 déc. 10- 06:26 (0)
Avatar de NanoRoux
She has already changed her background picture, so I guess she already found by herself ...
NanoRoux - dim. 5 déc. 10- 15:37  
Avatar de Pit
Ben en fait, elle me demandait comment mettre une image de Dimebag Darell en arrière-plan...
Pit - dim. 5 déc. 10- 15:52  
Avatar de berserkette
hehe thx anyways guys xx
berserkette - mar. 21 déc. 10- 06:26  
Pit> @berserkette Yours is pretty ! A Luis Royo fan ?

dim. 28 nov. 10- 08:59 (0)
Avatar de zarozinia
bonjour Mademoiselle, moi c'est Pit.

( tu l'as cherché sur ce coup là ! je pouvais pas te louper ! Eh ! Eh ! )

zarozinia - dim. 28 nov. 10- 08:59  
berserkette> going to party tonight !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with Ex Deowoooot!wooot!

ven. 26 nov. 10- 01:22 (0)
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13-déc.-10Dimmu Borgir, Enslaved ...Le MetropolisMontréal (Canada)
23-févr.-11Deicide, Belphegor ...Café CampusMontréal (Canada)

  [I'm a model soon to be coffin girl and I'm a suicide girl also brutal hardcore beauty ;) I work on promoting bands and helping them for anything they need :)Also toured with Krisiun and other bands mtl band talamyus Paroxysm Qc bands Riotor and more was also working as stage manager with shitload of local bands ,eternal Burden etc... I'm a fucking dedicated metalhead ,I'm a dancer i love to work out !and , bit more bout myself I work as a barmaid and i will be attending belly dancing lessons where I'll be dancing for some bands not only that but I will be attending my keyboard lessons given by the old keyboard player of Soul of darkness from Montreal and im gonna kick fucking !ass! I'm also the founder of the Montreal Chapter for the Doom Crew Black label society!part of the Quebec Chapter as- well ! I Love tattoos, piercings , The fact that im Alice and im stuck in wonderland get me out !!! i collect living dead doll s not only do i promote bands but i do modeling for them either merch or other stuff so don't be afraid to reach out if you need anything such as
booking, merch,a model ;),promotion ,wtv or just to say hi ;)!
take care

[titre2]BTW :Check out Erimha my hubby's band he is the vocalist and they kick fucking ass there is one song The legend of Ereshkigal (feat Alissa White Gluz)From montreal band The Agonist ! you will love there are more songs on there my space ;)[/titre2]