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A bit about me.

23 ans
Chorley, Royaume-Uni

inscrit le 11 mars 2011
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Mon style : Power, Black, Death, Thrash, Speed, Viking, Pagan, Grindcore, Metalcore, Punk, Grunge, NU, Symphonic, Gothic, Doom, Industrial.

Musicien : Chant - Guitare - Basse - Autre instrument

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Power Quest ...
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Activité : Journalist

Mes passions : Metal, Journalism, Guitar and Warhammer

Jeux vidéos préférés : Brutal legend, Guitar Hero, COD, Halo, Tomb Raider and Pokemon.

Films préférés : The Pick of Destiny, School of Rock, Bill and Ted 1+2, Waynes World 1+2, Saw 1-7, Final Destination 1-3, Alien, Predator.

Artistes préférés : Marilyn Manson]and H.R Giger.

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Grade : ermite
Nombre de points : 1837
Rang spécial : Reviewer
Dernières chroniques :
Ten by Ten Ten by Ten 3.5/5
Strange Ang3ls David Mark Pearce 8.5/10
Consequence Of Sin Nightvision 8/10
The Dub, The War and The Ugly Dub War 5/10
Black Veins Exit State 8.5/10
Demonic Alliance Harm 9/10
Aftermath Axenstar 8.5/10
The Lay of Thrym Tyr 8/10
Live In Hellvetia Freedom Call 9/10
A Way Of Life Fury UK 8.5/10

Derniers groupes ajoutés :
Ten by Ten Royaume-Uni le 01/09/2011
David Mark Pearce Royaume-Uni le 19/08/2011
Nightvision Royaume-Uni le 05/08/2011
Dub War Royaume-Uni le 05/08/2011
Exit State Royaume-Uni le 05/08/2011
Fury UK Royaume-Uni le 01/07/2011
Velvet Star Royaume-Uni le 01/07/2011
Attica Rage Royaume-Uni le 11/06/2011
Blessed by a Broken Heart Canada le 01/06/2011
Sky Shadow Obelisk États-Unis le 13/05/2011

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The Dark Lord> Going ti school. Then coming home and interviewing Ill Nino \m/

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The Dark Lord> Listening to some Burzum \m/

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Well, my name is Matt Seddon. Aged 14. I am currently one of the youngest (Maybe the youngest) Journalist's in the UK. I write for 3 online magazines called: Ragnarok Radio, Mass Movement Magazine and Metal Ship, but also Rock Matrix newsletter.

In my spare time when I am not at school or writing, I like to play the guitar, play warhammer listen to metal and go to concerts.

My best experience in metal would have to be either interviewing Cannibal Corpse or Alestorm as these are 2 of my favourite bands. Metal Journalism has opened my eyes to lots of metal bands who I have never heard of beforeand hopefully the longer I stay in this job, the more bands I will discover and the better I will get at the job I wish to persue in the near future.

Stay Sick, Stay Metal, Peace Out m/