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...And her madness

33 ans
Milwaukee, États-Unis

inscrit le 7 avril 2010
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Site web :!/NatachiaAttewell
Mon style : Metal, black Metal, Folk Metal, Power Metal, death Metal, and goth metal

Musicien : Chant - Chant secondaire

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Activité : Artist

Mes passions : Drawing, painting, singing, playing video games, watching movies, and listening to metal

Jeux vidéos préférés : Diablo I and II, Fallout 3, Resident Evil (1,2, Code Veronica, Zero, 4), Silent Hill 2, Tomb Raider, Oblivion, Prince of Persia

Films préférés : There are too many

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Ecrivains préférés : There are too many

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Who am I? I am Lillithiea and I am Natachia. I
I learned to love metal over time like the rest of us. It started when I was a kid and Marilyn Manson, then Korn released Follow the Leader ,and over time it grew. I'm not going to lie and say "My parents listend to Led Zepp'n shit yadda yadda" LIES! They did, but that had nothing to influence me on my musical taste. My parents also listend to Elton John and Shania Twain among their love for Boston, Lennon, ZZ, and so-on. I always hate hearing about "My dad had me listen to Black Sabbath" If people only knew how stupid they sound when they say that.... Of course they did!!! The shit was new and awesome!!! Everyone listend to that shit back then.
Metal to me is something more. It's the roar of the drums and the screams of the guitar as the heavy panting of the bass flowing together. The voice is mearly a translator of the sound for the crowed. When it all comes together it works wonders. Every experience of metal is the best. When its real, when it's raw, when its loud, when its wrong, when its true, when its strong, when we rock till it's all gone.
I would love to get shows put together for bands, but cant seem to find my footing in the stuff.

I am looking for communication with bands.