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46 ans
Vyškov, Tchèque (République)

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Mon style : Old School Death & Thrash Metal, Power Metal, Black Metal, Heavy Metal, all Melodic Metal

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Groupes favoris :
Death - Violent Force - Unanimated - Legion Of The Damned - Kreator - Sepultura - Morgoth - Iron Maiden - Obituary - Moral Insanity - Pandemia - Wintersun - Morbid Angel - Mortifilia - Sax - Assassin - Kataklysm - S.D.I. - Terminator - Deicide ...
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Mes passions : METAL, PC, Movies, TV, PC game, Czech Beer

Jeux vidéos préférés : Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Crysis, FarCry

Films préférés : Saving Private Ryan, The Shawshank Redemption, The Silence of the Lambs, Under Siege, Alien, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Hallowee

Artistes préférés : Chuck Schuldiner, Max Cavalera, Bruce Dickinson, Mille Petrozza, John Petrucci, Mike Portnoy, John Tardy,

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Thanatos Pays-Bas le 12/05/2011
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Sax Tchèque (République) le 06/05/2011
Sound Storm Italie le 06/05/2011
Titanic Tchèque (République) le 06/05/2011
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Terminator Tchèque (République) le 29/04/2011

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Immortal SEP> DEATH - Leprosy

DEATH - Leprosy

mer. 27 avril 11- 17:26 (0)

10-janv.-08Helloween, Axxis ...Hof Ter LoAnvers (Belgique)
30-mai-08Absurdity, AgonBorn to be wildBeinheim

Immortal SEP
Remain on yet free, but otherwise completely normal usual man, which loves Metal. My best - loved band is DEATH.

My favourite style are Old School Death Metal, Thrash/Death, Old School Thrash Metal, Power Metal, Speed Metal, Black Metal and Heavy Metal.

My Top 20 Best Metal Bands:
2. Sepultura (with Max Cavalera)
3. Kreator
4. Metallica (by the year 1991)
5. Obituary
6. Deicide
7. DragonForce
8. Iron Maiden
9. Dissection
10. Kataklysm
11. Morgoth
12. Morbid Angel
13. At The Gates
14. Unanimated
15. Legion Of The Damned
16. Merciless
17. Slayer
18. Cannibal Corpse (with Chris Barnes)
19. Violent Force
20. Assassin
and many other...

It is possible then say, that the listen almost everything. Will listen to possibly Eurodance 90 years, musical, but also classical music. Also me amuses watch TV, trace movies on video. Like will view on nice movies especially me like horrors, comedy and Wartime movies.
A lot of time spend near PCs, surf after internet and Im playing PC games.
Like sitting with friends near good Czech beer.

Metal is mine life, for so is it Die!


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