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I <3 my Demon of Hell

26 ans
Kingsport, États-Unis

inscrit le 8 avril 2010
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Myspace : www.myspace.com/urbodyislikeadrug
Mon style : Black Metal, Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Industrial

Musicien : Chant - Batterie - Claviers - Chant secondaire - Percussions

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Mon matos :
The name is kelsi. I really cant explain me and neither can you.. I barely leave my house so im as white as a ghost, i burn easily which tends to make me feel vampirish... My life use to be very dark until a lot changed and the only time I really ever get to be my true self is when i come online, life is getting pretty tough lately, and I had found away to look on the more positive side in the past.. tho recently its getting harder... I love expressing myself with my art, like all artists really. there’s always something dark about whatever I create, its what I love and what seems to seep from me. PERFECTION IS IMPERFECTION. since getting my first camera i have unlocked another passion and each day I discover new ideas and find un-used potential. I don’t really know what to say about me, I don’t think allot of us do, how can we try to completely explain who we are in a short space, its impossible, ill give you the quick run down, maybe just a little to entice you to ask me yourself if you are interested, my life is full of stress, its repetitive, boring, tormenting, happy, sad, confusing, exhilarating, dark, painful, beautiful, loud, hiding, in your face, crying, sleeping, emptiness , black, lonely, my life is pretty hectic, I work hard, but I party even harder.., you’ll just have to ask me, take the time to get to know me, and offcourse do not judge me.

Activité : Waitress/Professional Lover

Mes passions : My Dark Lord <3::::Singing, Gothic Culture, Gothic Style

Jeux vidéos préférés : Rumble Roses, Mortal Kombat

Films préférés : ,The Dark Knight,Sweeney Todd,Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, Casper (One of my all time favorites) :) Halloween 1 &2

Artistes préférés : Dimmu Borgir, Amon Amarth, Psyclon Nine, Dark Funeral, Darkthrone, Type o Negative, Days of Our Decay, [2[Ca

Ecrivains préférés : Edgar Allen Poe

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I am a girl that wants to be free.
I stand out from the crowd.
I love singing. I just feel ALIVE when I do.
I am more like Amy Lee or Emilie Autumn when I sing if anything.
I LOVE Metal. ESPECIALLY Bolack Metal. It's just the stuff I listen to.
People try to judge me by the way I dress and look. But I don't give a damn.
Those people can BURN IN HELL. What they say, doesn't phase me a bit.
I came to Metal from my boyfriend and my friends.
I REALLY want to be in a band, but all of my friends and my boyfriend already have band members, so I just stand back and listen.
I've ALWAYS wanted to be a singer in a heavy band,,,,But I just haven't been noticed..
It sucks!
I LOVE listening to music. It's so soothing especially if it is Cannibal Corpse, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, or Dimmu Borgir.
I'm into::::
Black/Death/Thrash Metal Industrial, Blood, Leather Vinyl and PVC, Death, Gothic culture, Photography, Gothic Fashion, Guitars, Drums, Keyboards, Singing, Horror movies, Corsets, Making make-up videos, Cats, Bondage, Chains, Tattoos, Peircings, Gauging, And most imortantly ART.