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Paroles de Vader - The Art Of War (2005)

Vader - The Art Of  War
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Date de sortie : 2005
Genre : Death Metal
Mini Album
Infos complémentaires :
Line-up :

Peter - Chant et Guitare
Mauser - Guitare
Datay - Batterie
Novy - Basse

1. Para Bellum (1:26)
2. This Is The War (2:49)culte !culte !listen
3. Lead Us !!! (3:16)à écouter en premier
4. Banners On The Wind (0:49)
5. What Colour Is Your Blood (3:58)culte !culte !
6. Death In Silence (2:12)à écouter en premier
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Paroles pour l'album The Art Of War de Vader

1. Para Bellum (Intro)


2. This Is The War

[Lyrics: Piotr Wiwczarek]

Call the god of Mars!!!
Wake up your hate and fury
I am raising flag of death
With the sign of victory

We have to say "enough"
To the liar on the cross
So scream with me aloud!!!

This is the war
That you were asking for!!!

This is the war
Total war!!!

War for freedom
War for pride
War for future
For all of us
War for life
And worthy death
For you and me
This is the war!!!

[Lead: Mauser / Peter]

Call the god of hell!!!
Release all fire demons
Show you fists and teeth
And join the troops of death!!!

We have to say "enough"
To the scared behind the mask
So scream with me again!!!

This is the war
Total bloody war

3. Lead Us!!!

[Lyrics: Piotr Wiwczarek]

Oh - ancient ones, the fearless gods
I wake you up tonight
To rule the earth again
Give us
All your mighty force
We'll follow path of death
In the shadow of your horns
Lead us!!!
Oh mighty lords!!!

[Lead: Peter / Mauser]

Oh - ancient ones, the powers from the past
I'm calling you tonight
To release now
Your rage and sorrow
We'll follow path of war
In the shadow of your horns
Lead us!!!

4. Banners Of The Wind (Intro)


5. What Colour Is Your Blood

[Lyrics: Piotr Wiwczarek]

Screaming out all pain
Mercy died
It's gone forever

Fear is not my ally
Total attack!!!
I am conqueror I spill blood

Hell's child
Is the name you know
And I always raise my sword
Against the liars

In fury
Now I'm asking you-
What colour is your blood?

You love to take
Like parasite of life
Now I will take you down
To the land of endless cry...

Feel the touch of grace
Your last emotions
Welcome at the gates to hell!!!

I hear the pulse in your veins
The eyes are growing bigger
When you smell the steal of blade

Like razors cut
I open your heart
Crimson fluid is dancing
And life is running out

[Lead: Peter]

Hell's child is the name you know
And I always raise my sword
Against the liars

In fury
Now I'm asking you-
What colour is your blood?
What colour is your blood?
What colour is your blood?

6. Death In Silence

[Lyrics: Piotr Wiwczarek]

So many faces
In crimson light
Piercing sight
Take 'em off me!!!

All friends are coming
And gather 'round me
Frozen city in boiling flesh
Recollections in my head

My heart beating
Still louder
Oh - madness take my soul!!!

The walls are coming closer
Strangulating fear
My mind imprisoned
And screaming for the end

The silence is killing me...
The silence is burying me...

Freezing silence
Freezing silence

The Art Of War - Metalship

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