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Paroles de Cannibal Corpse - Created To Kill (1995)

Cannibal Corpse - Created To Kill
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Date de sortie : 1 septembre 1995
Genre : Death Metal
Infos complémentaires :
Original version of Vile, with Chris Barnes on vocals.
Taken straight from the pre-mixed master tape.

1. Created to kill (03:41)
2. Bloodlands (04:21)
3. Disfigured (03:47)
4. To kill myself (03:41)
5. Mummified in barbed wire (03:09)
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Paroles pour l'album Created To Kill de Cannibal Corpse

1. To Kill Myself

I hate myself, everyday
Intercept, execute
I slit my wrists and bleed to death...
To Kill Myself

2. Bloodlands

I am lost and sickened
Disoriented by this bleak environment
How I came to be here escapes my memory
This is a desert, deep scarlet grains
Stretch the horizon and the sickly brown sky
Gale force winds pepper my face
The sand tastes foul, the sand tastes like blood
Savagely cruel, barren expanse, the atmosphere, a
caustic fog
Every breath reminds me of pain
Dust of dried blood filling my lungs
On the horizon I see a chasm, a distant pulse begins to beat
Suddenly a flash, specter of the past
Vision of mass murder, torrents of blood
The vision quickly ends, the wasteland still beckons
Plodding toward the chasm
I hear rushing liquid
My mind cannot conceive, the massacre I behold
An infinite river of cadavers, buoyant in their own blood
Vertigo engulfs my brain as my body falls and drops
A million corpses staring
Straining to survive, limbs flailing in the blood
Grapple with headless bodies
Hands of the dead are pulling my downward
Drowning in this river
Intestines are alive, like tentacles they choke
Situation hopeless
I submit to the fury of the river
Paralyzed with terror
Thousands of their thoughts are entering my mind
Conscious on their level
Every tortured death is experienced at once
Drowning in their anguish
Ordeal of their deaths now saturates my brain
Vengeful corpses shrieking
Genocide, genocide, genocide, genocide

3. Created to Kill

Suffer to survive
Instinct I despise
Stalking the night, searching for a victim to defile
Cock she craves today
Cum she wants to spray
And to reach the orgasm through torture
From behind, pain shivering down my spine
I feel paralyzed, only controlling my mind
Strapped to the table, naked, genitals exposed
Eyes clamped open, mouth gagged shut, terrified
Locks my scrotum in a vice tightens forcefully
Agony, silent screams, want to die
Shackled and bound, unaware my fate
Destined to be maimed to stimulate
The skin is peeled off my dick
Done with a razor blade
She begins to suck
Blood and cum amok
She rips my cock off with her teeth
Masticate, gnawing and chewing the stump
She regurgitates, I'm covered in my bloody chunks
Suffer to survive
Instinct I despise
I am alive, victimized
Tortured fate, asexual state

4. Mummified in Barbwire

Wrap the wire round the neck, pull it tight to suffocate
His mouth is spewing steaming blood
Hang the body with a cord, gag his mouth with shards of steel
He doesn't know the pain he'll feel
Interwoven deadly spikes, tightening cables lacerate
Assorted gashes open wide
Ruptured veins are gushing blood, scraps of skin are flying off
The body of the helpless prey
Jagged cable binds, you scream, no escape
Metal barbs tearing at you, rend your flesh
Tear apart the tendons, wire chokes the victim
Shred away his features, shred away his being
Rip the tissue from the body, rend your flesh
Lacerate, sharp spikes rip
Mutilate, pierce the skin
Mummified in barbed wire
Breathing stops, life expires
Mummified in barbed wire
Metal binds as you die
Tangled in a web of pain, no escape
Blood seeps through the metal sheath, saw-like noose
Tear apart the tendons, wire chokes the victim
Shred away his features, shred away his being
Gleaming cords encase the corpse, no escape
Lacerate, sharp spikes rip
Mutilate, pierce the skin
Mummified in barbed wire
Breathing stops, life expires
Mummified in barbed wire
Metal binds as you die
Steel wraps your face, blood soaks the steel
Bound in wire, soon to die, life choked out, bleed to death
Mummified in barbed wire

5. Unburied

6. Exorcist (Possessed cover)

Prossessed by evil hell
Satan's wrath will kill
He will take your soul
Cast you to hell

Demons dogs domain
Keeping me insane
Evil curse my soul
Burning away

Satan's hell will burn
Terrored cries are heard
Ever lasting eternity
Warriors of hell

Unleashed men of sin
Hatred hell within
Sinners hate will die
The exorcist

I can see the light
I don't whant to burn
Help me save my soul
Let me live
Your curse is not my fear
Demons within me hear
I will escape your wrath

This is not my way
Doom, sorrow for eternity
Lights shine below in hell
Forever burning

Words of insanity scream out
Help me

Demons in my body gone
Sickened thoughtss left beyound
Haunted by evil memories
Nightmares in sin

My hand is burnt and black
Shadowed no way back
Fear of living in hell
Axed my mind

Memories held within
Satan's gone in sin
Grasping to relieve the pain
Scared for life

Exorcism takes control
Beneath my body help my soul
Save my soul from the evil hell
Your spell is lost

7. Zero the Hero (Black Sabbath cover)

Accept the fact that you're the second rate
Life is easy for you
It's all served up on a gold plated plate
And we don't even to talk to you
Your face is normal that's the you're bred
And that's the way you're going to stay
Your head is firmly nailed to your channel
But someone else's fingers on the control panel

What you gonna be, what you gonna be brother
Zero the hero
Don't you wanna be, don't you wanna be brother
Zero the hero
When you gonna be, when you gonna be brother
Zero the hero

You sit there watch it all burn down
It's easy and breezy for you
You play your life to a different sound
No edge no edge you got no knife have you
Your life is a six lane highway to no-where
You're going so fast you're never ever
Gonna get down there
Where heroes sit by the river
With the magic in their music as they eat raw liver


You stand there captain we all look
You really are mediocre
You are the champion in the acme form book
But I think you're just a joker
Your facedown life ain't so much of a pity
But the un-a-duckin' way you're walkin' around
The city with your balls and your head full of nothing
It's easy for you sucker but you really need stuffing

8. Sacrifice (Sacrifice cover)

Put her on the altar, tie her down secure
She will soon die, her soul is still pure
Her body is trembling it's filled with fear
She'll lose the life which she holds dear

The dagger is ready to do it's evil deed
On her decayed corpse I will feed
Tie her legs and arms ready to read the rite
Now I feel the force of satan's might

Under baphomet she is bleeding fast
With the corpse indulge in a bloodbath
Pray to the master that this will suffice
Split her skull for this altar sacrifice

Tears on her cheek, sweat on her brow
It's time to die I will kill her now
Death has come to deliver her fate
We don't do it for love we do it for hate

9. Confessions (Possessed cover)

Crimes of passion
Ruled his mind
The anger inside
Compassion he will never find

The pain and pleasure
Of the blade
And he loved
The screams she made

Forgive me father
For I have sinned
Because the anger
Burned within

He saw it in her eyes
They wouldn't hide
Betrayal and her wicked lies

From a dying man
Listen now
And understand

In the night
That summons fright

He looked
Into her eyes
And tells her
Tonight she dies

But to you
I must confess
That when she died
She was the best

Created To Kill - Metalship

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