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Paroles de 1349 - Demonoir (2010)

1349 - Demonoir
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Date de sortie : 26 avril 2010
Genre : Black Metal
Infos complémentaires :
- Ravn – chant
- Archaon – guitares
- Seidemann – basse, chant secondaire
- Frost – batterie

1. Tunnel Of Set XI (01:05)
2. Atomic Chapel (06:25)
3. Tunnel Of Set XII (01:01)
4. When I Was Flesh (05:45)
5. Tunnel Of Set XIII (00:40)
6. Psalm 777 (05:42)
7. Tunnel Of Set XIV (01:03)
8. Pandemonium War Bells (07:49)
9. Tunnel Of Set XV (01:16)
10. The Devil Of The Desert (06:30)
11. Tunnel Of Set XVI (01:33)
12. Demonoir (06:19)
13. Tunnel Of Set XVII (03:53)
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Paroles pour l'album Demonoir de 1349

1. Tunnel Of Set - I

2. Atomic Chapel

"The ancient whispered secrets
Massed into nuclear skies
Seek the unholy, in the darkest of places
Cryptic equations light the madness in or eyes"

Unholy radiance - Nuclear Necropolis
Pariah Leper-cult - In atomic bliss

Black towers rising
Under a skeleton scythe

Thermo-cardinal hexe
Sworn by phantom quires

Radiation witch fire - Spreads like cyclonic whips
Genocide war cult - Convoking the merciless blitz

Dark prayers recited
Drifting through acid winds
In endless repetition
Like an everlasting paramount sin

Unholy prophecies - Apocalyptic radiance
Death-weaving carrion cult - Thermonuclear contempt

Skeletal towers rising
Through ammoniac storms
Towards a rusted altar
The congregation worms

Spiritual parasite - Atomic high-priest
Suicidal death-cult - Holocaustic feast
Omega necro-messiah
The ancients whispered your name
Merciless soul-corruptor
The wrath of old poisons will reign

Atomic Chapel - Haereticus, amen fiat voluntas tua
Atomic Chapel - in nomine mori
Atomic Chapel - Revoco minaciae ultimum
Atomic Chapel - Lex Diaboli

3. Tunnel II

4. When I Was Flesh

I was there...
When I was flesh
As I moved among mankind

Sadistic impulse
Sardonic disdain
Arcane perfector
Corpse herder

Murder God
Doom apparatus
Chaos cradle made of flesh

I was there...
When I was flesh

I am the first
And by far the worst

I am (the) founding evil
Bearer of all plagues
The Antichrist malefactor
Manifestation of your fears

I can hear them howling
From a thousand gaping wounds
I have ridden Harmageddah
I summoned pestilence to read through your lands

"Crawl back into your shit-pit under-scum
Into crippling fear and everlasting suffering
There's no end to the depth of this perversion
Cling grimly to your rotting remains..."

I have walked alone through fire lakes
My shadow darkening your world
Through fields of a thousands crucified
Forever perched upon the brink of hell

With serpent mask and angel-hide
On predatory wings I stalk
Filth is clinging to my soul
With neural whips I reign

Sadistic impulse
Sardonic disdain
Arcane perfector
Corpse herder

5. Tunnel III

6. Psalm 7:77

Krighisserens tordenøl - I kor med den flekkende hyene
Som gelfsende ildhjul inn i obskure dimensjoner
Gud faen i Helvete - Kan du høre drapsmaskinen kalle
Djevel-brøde ta deres plass ved fandens trone

Dommedags harpene
Harve i Helvete
Flådde kroppers berserkgang
Inn i kullsvart ødemark

Med stålpisk og en kjettersk lov
Pisket i fillebiter
Som kjøttmaskiner
Gjetet inn i undergang

Krigs-kåte demoners hore-hyl
Vis vei til de slakteklare sjeler
Med munner som bløende dyre-kjød

Dødsmaskinen ruller frem
Som en ruvende gestalt
Med tunge tordnende skritt
Til rytmen av en makt-maskin

Hellige allmektige kriksmaskin
Slipp løs den evige vrede
Supersonisk høyspent makt
Ut fra Helvetes blodigste dyp

Tilintergjørelsens sjeleslep
Psykostisk djevel-motor
En helvetes krigs erklæring
Destruktiv kommando

Parasitter - Jordens rotter - Smidd i pest og råte
Dø på hellig grunn

[English translation:]

In the choir with the stain of hyena
As gelfsende ildhjul into obscure dimensions
God damn Hell - Can you hear the killing machine called
Devil-sin take their place at the hellish throne

Doomsday harps
Harvester in Hell
skinned body's rampage
into the coal-black wasteland

With steel whip and a heretical law
whipped to pieces
as meat machines
Shepherd into the underpass

War horny devils whore-howl
Show the way to the slaughter clear souls
With mouths to bløende animal flesh

death machine rolls forward
as a towering gestalt
With heavy thundering steps
to the rhythm of a power machine

Holy Almighty nook machine
Unleash the eternal wrath of
Supersonic high voltage power
From Hell bloodiest

Tilintergjørelsens deep soul tow
Psychotic devil engine
One hell of a war declaration command

Parasites - Earth rats - Forged in pest and rot
die on holy ground

7. Tunnel IV

8. Pandemonium War Bells

Black Sky
Dead sun

Cold orbit
Planet king

Through the infinite halls of hell
The Pandemonium war bells chime

The shadow point
Hell unleashed
Dark death

Rotten stars
Suns collide
A dying world

By the light of collapsing stars
The Pandemonium war bells chime
Hell, is reaping over paradise
Cutting golden chasms through nebular skies
Dead worlds fill my vision
Out from a starless void

Like a slow eternal glacier
A million eons old
Rotting pulsars bring eternal night
The Pandemonium war bells chime

Cataclysmic apocalypse rise
Crusading into damnation
Eons passing by as seconds
No night has ever been this black

A ceaseless flow of darkness
Paint this world in black
Unravel us all into chaos
Rip the fabric of time and space

Universal evil
Hell precedes this dawn
Planet carnivore
The raping of a dying world

Cosmic anarchy
World incinerated
Nebular overlord
A testamental judgement
An unstoppable momentum
Devoid of sentiment
Through dark dead galaxies
Hell has been unleashed

9. Tunnel V

10. The Devil Of The Deserts

Do you know me?
Do you awaken screaming my name?
Do the images of me linger
into your waking hours?

I am the eternal dream
The unreachable goal
that which you strive for
But never achieve

I am your desire
Your deepest wish
And greatest fear
I am your nightmare

I whisper to you
Like the buzzing of insects
Secrets of the desert

You tell me all your wishes
Your innermost dreams
And hope to see them

I see your nightmares
Drink them in
And refine them

I give you
Your nightmares back
And your screams never stop

Somewhere in the desert
Your screams echo
Like the buzzing of insects

Be now the djinn
While I roam in the world
In your skin

Do you know me?
Do you awaken screaming my name?
Do the images of me linger
into your waking hours?

I am desperation
The love lost
But always longed for
I am despair

I am the dark
When all light is gone
And you are alone
I am your destiny

I am life!

I give you
Your nightmares back
And your screams never stop

Somewhere in the desert
Your screams echo
Like the buzzing of insects

Be now the djinn
While I roam in the world
In your skin

11. Tunnel VI

12. Demonoir

Here sound the steel pipes
Vibrations: Qliphotic frequencies
Aural chaos beckons

Tracts and tubes from the tunnels of set
Hang among veils

Abysmal winds stir the darkness
Carry the scent of boiling fat and burning flesh
Bonepyres glow behind the dimension drape

Sweeping scythe
Shivering chords

Moon of madness - entangled
Sun of suffocation - hissing

In a sea of tar

13. Tunnel VII

Demonoir - Metalship

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