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Paroles de Incantation - Mortal Throne of Nazarene (1994)

Incantation - Mortal Throne of Nazarene
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Date de sortie : 11 mars 1994
Genre : Death Metal

1. Demonic Incarnate (05:51)listen
2. Emaciated Holy Figure (03:47)
3. Iconoclasm of Catholicism (03:15)
4. Essence Ablaze (03:24)
5. Nocturnal Dominium (05:41)listen
6. Ibex Moon (04:36)
7. Blissful Bloodshower (00:52)
8. Abolishment of Immaculate Serenity (08:10)
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Paroles pour l'album Mortal Throne of Nazarene de Incantation

1. Demonic Incarnate

Trembling diabolic possession
Of the now extracted, dreary soul.
Chaotic inhibition, eternal visions of blasphemy real.
Ancient tongues
Recite northward
Infernal praise
As thunderous tides enshroud
Apocalyptic threshold
Demons in my flesh
I am now reborn...

2. Emaciated Holy Figure

Image of the divine deceiver
His words now ignored
Drink my blood, eat my body
Be saved by my emaciated presence
Hang high, torment in the wind
Heed not his words but only his suffering
His holy symbolic figure is the structure to the crumbling church.

3. Iconoclasm Of Catholicism

Erode shores of tranquility
Guide the crimson tide
Flood the blessed sands
With millions of tortured souls (of Christ)
Enter into perversity
Rise with triumphs of blasphemy
Glorious upon black thrones adorn
Catholicism falls...

4. Essence Ablaze

Vengeance destined
Upon bitterness thrive
Ire to your image
Everlasting aversion
My essence is forever ablaze
I loathe thy nazarite...

5. Nocturnal Dominum

Come forth, spirits ride chaotic (winds)
Now diabolic, forever roam (nocturnal)
Flight into desire
Emerge in unity of doom
Nocturnal Dominium
Thrive within dark depths
Unified through mayhem
Guide the storm, crush...

6. The Ibex Moon

Enveloped by somber twilight
Upon the ibex gaze
A vast orgy of profane bliss
A salacious burden into utter paradise
Obliteration of adoration
Indulgence is eternal under the ibex moon...
Massacration of holy lamb
Sacriligious dominace
Fornicate into oblivion
Persuade angels to the abyss!

7. Blissful Bloodshower

Indulged in the trickling
Moisture of blood descending upon my essence
Redemption of purity
Now transcends into a blissful reality of pain
Alas Sanguine returns to the skies.

8. Abolishment Of Immaculate Serenity

Intertwining miserableness
Consuming grace now darkening
Everdimming light of holiness
Forever now extinguished
Abomination infesting and molding
Realms obscure
Fly into passages to forbidden scapes of perpetual rapture
Absorb within mesmerizing pain...

Mortal Throne of Nazarene - Metalship

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