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Paroles de Incantation - Diabolical Conquest (1998)

Incantation - Diabolical Conquest
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Date de sortie : 1998
Genre : Death Metal

1. Impending Diabolical Conquest (5:13)listen
2. Desecration (Of the Heavenly Graceful) (5:54)
3. Disciples of Blasphemous Reprisal (3:33)
4. Unheavenly Skies (2:20)
5. United in Repungence (3:58)
6. Shadows of the Ancient Empire (3:02)
7. Ethereal Misery (4:30)
8. Unto Infinite Twilight / Majesty of Infernal Damnation (16:47)
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Paroles pour l'album Diabolical Conquest de Incantation

1. Impending Diabolical Conquest

Diabolical redemption, a fallen word
Stand so-called eternally
His Righteousness, decayed...

Demonic existence will conquer
Thy mortal falsehoods, obliterate

Impending triumphs, thy trinity will perish...die!
Impurity, domination, ever-enduring darkness I long for...
Impurity, domination, ever-enduring darkness I long for...

The vitality of his worshippers shall be forever ignored
His Righteousness decayed...

Demonic existence will conquer,
The impending diabolical conquest

Beliefs of a rotten church, decree by flames
Salvation, somber ecstasy

2. Desecration (Of The Heavenly Graceful)

Sacrifice everything holy in sight...

By the signs of the infra-world
Which delivered the most horrific prophecies
We take this legacy of sacrilegious prosperity and punishment
To commit the slaughter of all that is holy and pure.

Reign of extreme maniacal force
Possessed, another existence begins...

A trip to the mental inferno
Swarming with the everlasting stench of rotting corpses
Malicious power flowing in these rivers of madness
I summon the damnation of the pearly paradise

My spell will torture their golden illusions
Chaos and utter decay are waiting to be released
From this ancient and blasphemous entity

Feel our dark hate hammering and raping your so-called god
Sacrifice everything holy in sight
Desecration of the heavenly graceful...

3. Disciples Of Blasphemous Reprisal

Submerged in subjugated provocation
Thy euphoric misfortune (tribulation)
Laceration upon my flesh
Diminishing lucidity unto a void of perversion

The fulfilling desolation, in flames I arise!

Possession, entraps my mortal soul
Demented, hunger of anguish I crave

The feast of 2000 years,
The sin of abomination I foresee

Damned in Christ's blood, thy soul is not of he
Catholic degeneration, unholy desolation

Perversions of the trinity,
The sign of unholy victory
Angels falling, burn eternally
666, blasphemy!

We ride as one through a sea of eternal sewage
The dawn of retribution is among thee
Fighting 'til death, annihilation is evident, obliteration.

4. Unheavenly Skies


5. United In Repungence

Unheavenly skies
Burneth thy souls
Divine suffering eternal
Reborn in profanity

Bleed with me into the abyss
Masters of the pure hellish retaliation

I drain my soul of my holy purity
To endure my true self in blasphemy, in blasphemy!

United in repungence

Deliverance into temptation
As you enter upon a kingdom of darkness

Where lust is fulfilled
Where our body is cleansed of all purity...
Our souls sealed in blasphemy

United in repungence

Unheavenly skies
Burneth thy souls
Divine suffering eternal
Reborn in profanity

6. Shadows Of The Ancient Empire

I hear the chants from ancient winds
Like the darkness caresses my essence
The intensity of the crimson twilight
A twilight that will guide us to an empire...

Of forever pure tranquility, of darkness
For true tranquility can be found in our somber souls

Where perversions will prevail
A place of unremitting shadows
Where we savor the sadness of divinity... DIVINITY
The hour has arrived when perversions will prevail
The blood red skies will infest the heavens
The horns will guide us to paradise.
We will eternally live in so-called forsaken damnation
Indulging in the sweet hunger of temptation.

Like the darkness that caresses my essence

7. Ethereal Misery

Profane invaders, demonacy arises
Feasting on angelic sweetness, cries of holy mourning
Diseased souls crushed
Profanity brought upon a once holy kingdom...

...ethereal desolation

Underworld of devoured souls
Catastrophic plagues

Thou blessed trinity of once pure flesh
Desecrated by satanic cleansing

Profane Invaders, demonacy arises
Feasting on angelic sweetness, cries of holy mourning

Our genuine purity lies in our instinctive twilight
Witch is never to be forgotten.

8. Unto Infinite Twilight / Majesty Of Infernal

Upon the mountain apex, reeking of zealous malevolence
Stench of hellish pandemonium,
trembling, decaying divinity

Overshadowing supremacy, horns of rapturous damnation
Destiny unto immortality, repulsive catholic delirium

Defilement, false atonement, celestial skies descend
Unto infinite twilight
Arises the ibex moon, abhorrent prophecies

Stench of hellish pandemonium,
trembling, decaying divinity

Our destiny has arrived, everlasting hedonist rhapsody

The endless eclipse, the endless ecstasy...
unto infinite twilight

Mournful apocalypse, forbidden visions
Sacrificing the once-bastardized soul
Strengthens our vitality
(Freeing our souls unto infinite darkness)

Majesty of Infernal Damnation

The mountain apex, we hear its mournful call
A calleth of triumph, a calleth of blasphemy

We are one, falling from grace
We are one, our souls, our body, our torment

Our triumphant majesty of infernal damnation
Upon infinite twilight!
Unto infinite twilight
Overshadowing supremacy

Diabolical Conquest - Metalship

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