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Paroles de Callisto - Providence (2009)

Callisto - Providence
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Date de sortie : 18 février 2009
Genre : Sludge Metal

1. In Session (06:34)
2. Rule the Blood (06:43)
3. Covenant Colours (07:45)
4. Eastern Era (05:38)
5. New Canaan (06:55)
6. Stasis (07:38)
7. Where the Spirits Tread (06:27)
8. Dead Weight (06:10)
9. Drying Mouths (In a Gasping Land) (07:09)
10. Providence (07:28)
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Paroles pour l'album Providence de Callisto

1. In Session

Sunday comes alive
Within the confines of this monumental might
In session we arrive, leaving all behind
Blessings brought upon no one

Meet the mundane, lukewarm and the whores
Please confirm them
The rapture treated way behind closed doors
Please come for them

Oh Lord, where can a man go
We're all lead astray

Healing for the crowds

Underground, the catacombs we roam
Flee through escape doors

Take me to your leader
Show me what the world is longing for

Oh Lord, where can a man go
We're all lead astray

2. Rule The Blood

Heaving like the waves
Between the two you praise
A haven found in "true receiving"

The worth of grace unknown
While roaming on ones own
False light is there to blind eyes weary

You hang your head in shame
Give all you have to give
And settle for another day

Come and see the truth
Through lies you've been fed
Weigh the worlds at hand
Now which direction will you take?

Measure the damage done
By flesh and blood and none other
Annihilated faith
Grim the road of healing

Fuel for the flames
A bonfire of prejudice will hardly turn to ashes

The vanity of man suits this wasteland kingdom
Leave the stones and turn your back

Graded below from the start
Years alone in darkness
Faith in man of the word
Lit glow into a dead heart

Rise, end your earthly strife
Call light back into your eyes
Your flaws your wrongs and your rights
Earn your place in the crowd

3. Covenant Colours

For all needing not the liar
He's been driven away
On route to plain sceneries
The son has paved the way

For all needing not the liar
He's been goaded away

On these eerie grounds, beloved grounds
Standing firm, reciting out loud
Through withering meadows trudging hard
Harmony found

Slowing down life in the name of
Growing out of the frames
Air and space to breathe in chaos
Leading back to the trail

Tomorrow will claim
Today still surrender
From depleting reserves

Our low lands of grain
Speak in need of time
For hearts to be preserved

Wounding the gracious heart
Recover from the salty dunes
Spirit in the quiet tunes
Decide to tack and wait for all already said

For all needing not the liar
It's been driven away
On route to fields of founding
The four limbs taking the nails

On these eerie grounds, beloved grounds
Standing firm, reciting out loud
Through withering meadows trudging hard
Harmony found

4. Eastern Era

Look back now, reflect the past
Blind conqueror practice
Years of mass fever
Still breathing denial
Weighing the words of lethal leaders
Can you walk by the bell tower
See black and pace back?

Shield your children in their time of need?
Washing their feet while calling halt to your breed
Pour down all your lack of mercy by giving them freedom in a cage
Hoist the flags of the past, stay in lead to face the gauntlet

Counting hours
Waiting for growing out
Now free to think
Far from false reason
Turning domes to serving blossom
Divine divide
Graceful and right

5. New Canaan

He is the sovereign
Knows everyone's heart
Has known it from the very start
Create the stage with guilt and regret

The diagnosis unheeded
There lies a cure that concedes to sickness
Healing for those who desire it

Today is the day
Acknowledge and stay
Wear the sackcloth and scatter the ashes

Like a scholar in the dark accuses
God in the dock will see through all excuses
The ancient man came forth and touched
The robe with great respect and feared

Steer them right
Lead them onward and over the shrine
Son of Leah, you are not alone
Breathe, sarcophagus

A cry of a vulture, a cry of a man

Son of Leah, you are not on your own

6. Stasis

All lost in those days
A growing branch to smithereens
Trying real hard to beat some grace out of all that withering and dying
The thriving soul's beneath
It's yearning for the surface

Years of pain not undergone in any way will reveal the wounds
Fiercely tame, not about to make a scene...

I saw it drowning, gasping for air, disappear into the surging of the sea
An agreement made with the one who wields the cane of ordeal

Seasons gone by have handed over the reins
Highlighted the worth of our earthly strife
Highlighted the worth of unearthly might

An early memory a feeble ground
The facts remain all the same
An early memory a feeble ground to build upon
Assumptions die hard while the past remains

Home-grown severe denial
Smothered way down inside
Home-grown severe denial
Shreds of regard defiled

7. Where The Spirits Tread

Stretch to the sun
While earth seeks comfort in the rain
Will of black lung
Tremble where the spirits tread

Stay in seclusion
These opiates will fade I know
No land for the old
Kingdom come, claim your own

Like a pilgrim wanderer
This cabin is now home
For now asunder
Till the smokescreen wears off

Primal sounds in the wake
Bleeding from colours into shape
No one was awake
To hear the laws of nature take place

Revive life in uncharted woods, as we inhale
Creation wept and understood the unearthly way

8. Dead Weight

Meaning lost along the way yet wheels grind on
Headfirst towards an early grave - still going strong?
Got caught having an escapade with the horns

You depend on your wings like a bird
Refuse to come across with what's truly inner
Crippled, washed upon the shore
You flew far too high while reaching for the ultimate relief
That never came your way

Now grow apart from it
Release the weight
It's dead weight all the same

Did you ever come to think of it?
The time you've spent away from the nest?

The dilemma of harmony
Dare to create a path out of the shade

Descendants adapt
Preconceived foundations cast
Now waiting in line to adopt a lifetime in chains

9. Drying Mouths (In A Gasping Land)

Oh Western soul, a shrivelling fruit
Would you soon lay down and die
A rising monarch, howling laments on air
Lifelong lord in earthly lair

Fed up in surplus, your profane delight
Betraying needs, how far it leads

Still stretching the limit, pushing on
This tempting spirit of luring bloom
The Babylon sang in unison
The spirit of life is the spirit of death

Clearwater bowl, do bite this mold
Let the promise you made warm the cold
The Babylon now sings in unison
The spirit of death turns to life

The first becomes the last, while the last becomes the first
New land in sight to put out this thirst

Slow down, make it simple and sing
To make our thirst meet the life spring
Now streaming through Your hands

(The present day Babylon sang in unison
The spirit of life is the spirit of death
Clearwater bowl, do bite this mold
Let the promise you made warm the cold)

Streaming through Your hands

10. Providence

That which fades away
Will not stay the same
In your night you trampled on the flame

Reckless haste before an amen
Burning your wise men
In search of fools gold in deserted landscapes

Still rambling on
Indulging in your thirst
Laid aside salt when kneeling by the water

Not to hear or never to speak first
That which fades will not stay the same
Not to hear or never to speak first
The storm ends my way at the dusk of day

Triumph in song or defeat
Retrieve the bitter or the sweet
Would you bury the old or the young instead?
Answered in questions or yet unsaid?

That which faded did not stay the same
In black night you may have found a flame
While these golden plates are now emptied
You're most welcome to the house of grief

Triumph in song or defeat
Retrieve the bitter or the sweet

Providence - Metalship

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