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Paroles de Electric Wizard - We Live (2004)

Electric Wizard - We Live
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Date de sortie : 28 juin 2004
Genre : Doom Metal

1. Eko Eko Azarak (1. Invocation 2. Ritual)listen
2. We Live
3. Flower Of Evil a.k.a. Malfiore
4. Another Perfect Day?
5. The Sun Has Turned To Black
6. Saturn's Childrenlisten
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Paroles pour l'album We Live de Electric Wizard

1. Eko Eko Azarak

Black pyramids under martian sun,
Priests chant ancient necropsalms,
Summon winds across the desert sands,
Sun sets on this dying land.

Black ships tear through martian skies,
Earthbound send by sorcerous flight,
13 years through black depths of space,
Ancient race seed this cursed place.

Come my fanatics come to the sabbat....
Com my fanatics come to the sabbat....

2. We Live

Fist cracks the earth,
Coffin womb for rebirth,
Betrayed by the living.

They soon shall be giving,
We live,
Not dead,
We live,
We kill....

Can't fucking die,
Can't fucking win,
Got something to prove,
Got nothing to lose.

You hoped I was dead,
But I'm born again,
I shall be avenged,
Cold blooded revenge.

3. Flower Of Evil AKA Malfiore

My flower of evil,
Curse yet beautiful.

Priestess of evil,
Enslaved to you I kneel.

4. Another Perfect Day?

Today I stopped and stared,
I realised I just don't care,
A chasm black and wide,
Between me and mankind.

I've walked this earth 1000 years,
Seen the pain and the tears,
An outcast all alone,
Take me back beyond the sun....

5. The Sun Has Turned To Black

Earth torn from it's path by meteoric pass,
Showered by debris,
Continents crumble, our cities funeral pyres,
Crash into the sea.

The sun has turned to black,
No turning back,
They hide amongst the stars and wait....

Reaper's shadow cast across the aftermath,
We cannot escape,
Everlasting night, return to pagan rites,
The old ones rule supreme.

6. Saturn's Children

Crucified by the sun,
In the shadow of the iron cross,
Saturn's children come,
Invoke the supercoven.

Many armed we strike,
Like wolves in the night,
And the cross turns to black....

And the children of the sun,
Know their time has come,
Give up the fight, slip back into the night....

Turn off your mind, there's nothing to find....
Find out here....

7. Tutti I Colori Del Buio


We Live - Metalship

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